2010 Cendrillon

Women's Works will present the charming operetta, Cendrillon, in a staged concert-setting for Cornell's Summer Concert Series. Pauline Viardot's re-telling of Cinderella is warm, funny, musical, and told in human terms with a straightforward simplicity which is irresistible. Pauline Viardot, famous opera singer and good friend of such luminaries as George Sand and Ivan Turgenev, was "the most talented woman" Clara Schumann had ever met. This one-act operetta was written as a salon piece and was also Viardot's final work. (The operetta is originally in French, which is notoriously hard to sing and somewhat of a minority language in the Ithaca area. It will, therefore, be performed in English). (photo, Mark Lawrence and Lynn Craver)

2014 The Young Composer

This concert performs well-known 19th and 20th Century women composers with examples of their journey from emerging to published composer. Positioned alongside these historical figures, Women's Works will perform the winning piece from their first young composer competition. Also featured, "Petition" by local composer Kathleen O'Connor Ballantyne. Ballantyne uses the text from Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's petition to Congress in 1873 that urged the Congress men to give women the right to vote. (photo: Katie Ballantyne, composer)

2013 Mademoiselle Nadia Boulanger

March 24 3:00pm Unitarian Church of Ithaca, Corner of Aurora and Buffalo, Ithaca, NY. Our annual "Women's History Month" concert pays tribute to Nadia Boulanger, one of the most remarkable teachers of composition in the 20th Century. Works by Marion Bauer, perhaps her first composition student, Elinor Remick Warren, and Cecilia Bocard, will be featured with nods to some of her more famous students Philip Glass and Astor Piazzola.

2010 Le Dernier Sorcier

Women's Works brings "New" 19th Century Operetta to Ithaca. In 1867, opera diva, Pauline Viardot, and Russian writer, Ivan Turgenev, wrote an operetta, her first, to entertain friends and provide theatrical experience for her voice students. It has never published. This month, Women's Works will produce the operetta, Le Dernier Sorcier, or The Last Sorcerer, to be shown at the Community School of Music and Arts in Ithaca, NY.

2016 In Diverse Settings

Why are women's names few and far between on most lists of Great Composers? Perhaps history, and historians, have failed to recognize many kinds of music making that women have done, unduly focusing on a narrow, European/classical definition of "composition." Fill your ears with music from diverse settings in which American women have exercised their musical creativity outside the traditional concert hall: Shaker music, rounds, spirituals, parlor songs, folk music, and lullabies. (photo: Wilhelmina Esary, winner 2016 Young Composer Competition)

2015 Women's Nature, Women's Works

Women's Works performs a spectrum of musical works created by women for, from, and about our environments. Joni Mitchell, Shulamit Ran, humpback whale songs, and winners of the Women's Works 2015 Young Composer Competition all contribute to this celebratory concert Sunday March 29, 4:00p.m., at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca.

Past Concerts

2011 Women's Works Goes Baroque

Harmonious music by women composers from the Baroque. The Baroque era brings to mind flourishes and ornaments and cherubs and nymphs, and these composers don't disappoint. Francesca Caccini, a popular singer and composer around Monteverdi's time, was fiery and willful. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre wowed the French court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, having started performing at age 5. Her prowess lay in her ornamental keyboard pieces and French cantatas for solo voice and instruments. Luscinia, is the featured guest and treats the ears to some pre-Baroque works by Aleotti as well as a spritly duet by Italian nun, Cozzolani, and madrigal by Strozzi.